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Mac OS X Customer Support Number 1-800-204-4427 USA Canada

Mac OS X needs to be seeded up? We’ll help fix it right away

Technical help for different versions of Mac OS X including Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, is just a click away. Start instant chat or call an Mac OS X technician now for expert help.

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Instant access to technical experts via the Internet.

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Professional help to resolve Mac OS X glitches.

Mac OS X from Apple is the world’s most advanced desktop operating system with powerful security features. If you are facing any technical problems with Mac OS X, just call us. Whether it’s booting issues or system errors, we will fix it for you. Make the most of your Mac with technical support for Mac OS X and the connected digital devices. iYogi technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year and will be quite happy to help you.

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Mac OS X Support Number
Mac OS X support

5 Latest Mac OS X – El Capitan – Improvements You Need To Know Today!

There’s still some time before you could get your hands on the latest Mac OS X version, El Capitan. While its Beta edition is out and many developers have gotten it, we thought we’d highlight a few of its basics so you know what you could expect from it when it will release by the end of the year.

First things first; the wait for El Capitan is surely going to be very much worth it. Like with everything else that’s an Apple product, this OS version too promises you better functionality, wide-ranging features, and simple to use tools in order to provide you enhanced computing power. All you Apple fans would be particularly delighted when we’ll tell you that this version is expected to be far more performance-oriented, secured and reliable as compared to its predecessors OS X Yosemite and OS X Mavericks. Like we told you, the wait’s very much worth!

‘Notes’ gets better with its revamped interface

The app that you’ve previously used for simpler tasks is all set to now offer you better functionality and tools. The revamped Notes app will allow you to add to it third party content such as PDF, documents, web page urls and so on. To add content to Notes, you will just have to use the Share option and you can instantly add images, web links, maps and directions, and also your grocery list.

Locating the Cursor on your screen gets easier

Certainly, there’s nothing productive about hunting for your cursor on the screen; it wastes time and can be irritating as well. With El Capitan, you can simply do away with this task. Just move your finger over the touchpad or wiggle the connected mouse and you will see that the cursor has swelled, making it easier for you to locate it.

The San Francisco font style

Yes, this was initially developed to be used on Apple Watch due to its better readability quotient. However, you will also get this font style with your latest OS X version that will definitely power your computing sessions and make your documents appear professional and interesting.

Better window management for improved experience

With cleaner and prompter Split View and Mission Control features, El Capitan aims to make you far more productive and instant. You can now use two apps side-by-side and even organize your apps across the different spaces, effortlessly. This way you can save time and efforts looking for the different apps and also enjoy concentrating on the ones that you need or are presently working on.


No, we couldn’t have missed out on this one. The Spotlight feature on El Capitan has been designed and improved to offer you faster search results with better accuracy and precision. So, right from ‘the mails that Diana sent you yesterday’ to the ‘documents you worked on last week’ to the ‘images you edited last month’ – you can look for everything you want on Spotlight and let the feature offer you just that, sourced from a wider collection of data sources. You can even look for random information like the weather forecast for your city for the next week and you will promptly have it.

Mac OS X Technical Support Number

These aren’t all – rather, these just show the beginning to an endless list of enhancements that Apple’s been working on to provide you along with El Capitan. So, irrespective of whether you’re a casual user or use your Mac machine all the time, these simple yet handy enhancements would definitely make your sessions even more enriching and quick. So, when are you planning to upgrade to El Capitan?

For more updates on the improvements, Contact Mac OS X Support Phone number to resolve your query.

iPhone Customer Support
iPhone Customer Support

The 2016 iPhone Version is Set to be the Best among the Lot!

The holiday season is here and just as you’d love it, you could gift yourself an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus. But, hang on! iPhone 7, or popularly recognized as the iPhone 2016 is soon to arrive at an Apple Store near you. So, is it worth purchasing the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus or is it worth waiting for the next version to release. Well, while we can’t decide it for you, we can sure help you in making the decision. You have read our review on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, here’s our take on the next version. Apple is yet to confirm the tech specs and release date for this product; nonetheless, for your easy read through, we’ve compiled for you what fans believe could be included in the next product. So, here you go…

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Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for Business Leaders: You Just Have to Have Them Today!

If you are a business leader for whom the entire world is thriving from within your smartphone; here’re some amazing apps that you need to install on it today. Not simply because we’re mentioning them to you – rather, because they are simply the best – they enable you to enhance your productivity, manage your different tasks better, and keep you organized as a mentor and inspiration that many people are constantly looking up to. Continue reading “Mobile Apps for Business Leaders: You Just Have to Have Them Today!”

Computer So Slow

Why Is My Computer So Slow? Six Steps to Restore Speed

Call this one of the most heard complaints – a computer that once raced through complex processes now stammers and sputters as it completes its work. Do you need a new computer?  That’s the common fear, but it may not be the case.

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Mac OS X support

+1-800-204-4427 Mac OS X Support Number for Apple Mac Customer

Mac OS X Support Number +1-800-204-4427 provides world class and exceptional technical support services for Apple Mac devices and it is the perfect destination for Apple Mac computer and laptop end-users where they get fantastic and instant tech solutions in just one phone call Our Mac OS X tech support team is always ready for delivering all the assistance with respect to all the errors Continue reading “+1-800-204-4427 Mac OS X Support Number for Apple Mac Customer”

macbook technical support

How to Fix a MacBook That Won’t Charge

Unable to charge the MacBook can often be really frustrating for users. After all, it’s considered as one of the most beneficial devices ever.  A user can unplug it from the mains and can easily use it anywhere anytime. So, that’s the only thing which will make sense if it holds a charging point. In this blog, Continue reading “How to Fix a MacBook That Won’t Charge”

Safari Browser Support

Online Technical Support For Safari Browser

Is the Apple expedition browser put in your pc yielding problems that you just are unable to mend on your own? Well, assistance is simply a call away. Get in contact with Safari Browser Tech Support to urge instant technical school support for Apple expedition

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Support For Mac

Apple Mac Support Australia 1-800-204-4427 | Mac Technical Support Number

Support For Mac

MAC is one of the most high-priced and a top machine of the world which has latest softwares, latest processors, and graphics. Folks of every group like school, hospitals, and offices are discovered using MAC. MAC upgrades your entire computer know-how.


Scope of Services:

  • Installation and configuration of Mac OS X.
  • Technical Support for Mac Devices.
  • Synchronization of Devices with Mac.
  • Range of software and application support on Mac.
  • Virus Protection.

Support we provide:-

  • MacBook Air Support: It is freshly enrolled product of the Mac bandwagon, MacBook Air is power efficient and free of many harmful toxins. It includes features that augment graphic presentation, flash performance, and also external display support. MacBook Air comprises of Intel core i5 and i7 processors that make it simpler to handle issues like troubleshooting, installing, repairing, restoring of MacBook Air with care.
  • Mac Mini Support: Mac Mini is just a little powerhouse that has latest dual-core Intel Core i5 and i7 processors that mean it has upto 2x faster processors so it is easy to set up, fix, and run. It gives you complete liberty from pounding problems like installation/un-installation blues, configuration & set up troubles, connection issues, video queries etc.
  • iMac Support: iMac is sleek and elegant and has nearly twice the processing speed. It has newest graphics and ultrafast Thunderbolt I/O. If there is any blue green picture on screen from an inbuilt camera then at time you can depend on Pcpatchers for its best remote Technical support so as to free you from any computer hassles.
  • Mac Pro Support: Revitalizing your PC’s performance, the new Mac Pro is introduced with upto 12 crores of processing power as it is the fastest Mac ever. It is launched with high-speed memory, PCI Express graphics & expansion. But like other brand pc, this multi-crore technology can also get problems or issues like compatibility issues with Windows 7, Blue tooth, audio-video issues which could be demolished easily with our first-class Mac support.

Apple Mac Support

Pcpatchers’s Unlimited Support

  • Fast and easy resolution to all your computer needs.
  • Diagnosis is conducted remotely offering complete solutions.
  • Services available 24/7 at superb prices.
  • Remote aid for speedy and complete solutions.
  • Brings you highest quality IT support with specialized skills and high-priced knowledge.
  • Highly Educated and trained engineers specialize in fixing all sorts of bugs, viruses, and software issues.

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Apple technical support

Learn How To Automate Changing The Local Administrator Password

Credential theft is a foremost issue in the security landscape which is experienced by most of the users today. Local admin passwords in an environment often contribute to the problem and your credentials are what allow attackers to be successful in your network. To resolve this issue, Continue reading “Learn How To Automate Changing The Local Administrator Password”