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How to Fix a MacBook That Won’t Charge

Unable to charge the MacBook can often be really frustrating for users. After all, it’s considered as one of the most beneficial devices ever.  A user can unplug it from the mains and can easily use it anywhere anytime. So, that’s the only thing which will make sense if it holds a charging point. In this blog, our MacBook tech support experts are going to make you aware of how to troubleshoot the error when it say that “the Macbook won’t charge”.

 MacBook Repair

Steps to troubleshoot the error “MacBook won’t charge”

Step1: Check for all the basic features

  • Check whether the MacBook is plugged in? Is the MagSafe connection accurately plugged in to the laptop?
  • Perform a deep check for the Apple adaptor whether it is connected together or not? Each Apple laptop adaptor will comes in two parts, the first one will be a square adaptor and the second one will be a removable plug (or lead) that will have full capability to connect to the wall. Pull up both the parts and then put them back together.
  • Perform a check whether you have plugged into a wall socket or not? Is the socket accurately turned on? Have you ever given a try to a different wall socket?
  • What does the Apple adaptor actually appears to be? Perform a check for whether it in pristine condition or has it got any tears in the cable?
  • Check carefully for the MagSafe connection on the Apple laptop for any dust. By doing this will surely prevent the MagSafe connector from making a clean connection to the Mac device and will stop users from charging it up accurately.

Step2; Check for all the settings

  • Open up the “System Preferences” option and choose the “Settings > Energy Saver” icon.
    perform a check for that the Computer Sleep as well as Display Sleep slider option.
  • If they appear, then carefully click on the “Default” button to reset it.


Step3: Apple’s solutions

At last, the Apple device has three solutions for this error that are described by MacBook technical support professional team members and they are as follows:

  • Resetting of the battery

If a user is having an older Apple laptop with a benefit of removable battery then one should definitely remove it and re-insert to make sure it’s completely installed.

  • Reseting the SMC:

Resetting the SMC which will help the proper functioning of the battery and power related problems.

  • Get the Mac serviced:

If resetting of the SMC doesn’t work at all then the Apple recommends you to take the Mac to any nearby Apple Store.

Quick Assistance For MacBook Support Toll free Number 1 (800) 204-4427

Well, these are few solutions for the above MacBook issue. If still in confusion then do try us at MacBook customer support number +18002044427 which is absolutely a toll-free service available for users 24*7 hours a day. We solve all types of Mac Book related issues by applying the best available solutions in the market.


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