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3 Ways to Spoof a MAC Address

Spoofing your MAC Address can assist you in ignoring restrictions on the network by copying a different MAC Address, and give you extra privacy when you are trying to connect to a network. For instant tech support contact Macbook Pro Support.

Mac Address

Below are the three important ways to spoof a Mac address is given below:

Method 1: Spoofing A MAC Address in Mac OS X

  • Open the Applications app.
  • Click on Utilities.
  • Choose Terminal from the Utilities folder.
  • Then modify your MAC Address.

Method 2: Spoofing A MAC Address in Windows

  • Look for value to spoof your MAC Address.
  • In the under value enter your latest address. For example, if the initial four characters are arranged as F1-D2 you can change them to F4-D1. Perform the same action for the balance characters. You’re managing format, but need to change the combination.
  • After that click on OK..
  • Congrats! You are spoofed the MAC Address.

MAC Address in Windows

Method 3: Spoofing A MAC Address in Linux with Mac changer

  • Launch the terminal.
  • Input command Mac changer.
  • Then input the command mac changer eth0 –r and press the enter key on your keyboard.
  • Input the command mac changer eth0 –m and select choose your latest numerical address configuration.
  • Push enter button. Your new MAC Address is now spoofed.

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